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Nu‑Reflections Medspa

Facial Fillers


The latest innovation from Allergan, the patented VyCross technology allows Voluma to effectively lift the face.


Both of these products are part of the VyCross technology family. Both smooth and softens creases and lines while using a smaller amount of product. The results are subtle and natural.

Juvederm Ultra Plus

Hyaluronic acid, formulated to smooth wrinkles and folds, and contour  and sculpt the face.

Juvederm Ultra XC

Hyaluronic acid, formulated to smooth wrinkles and folds, and contour and sculpt the face and lips.


Strategically relaxes muscles that cause unwanted wrinkles and signs of negative expression into naturally lifted positive expressions.


This is an injectable liposuction that is intended to erase double chins. It has an enzyme that eats away the fat cells permanently.

Nu‑Reflections Medspa

Permanent Make‑Up

Lash Enhancement

Small lines placed on your lash line to give the illusion of fuller lashes.


Semi‑permanent cosmetic ink placed on the top and/or bottom eyelid. Different colors and looks are available.

Lip‑Liner/Full Lips

Lip liner on both the top and bottom of your lips, or fill in the entire lip and have a hint of color all the time.


Shading Natural hair strokes created to add shape and thickness to the natural brow, you can also add some shading to even out thinning area on the brow.

Powder Brows

A technique used to give your brows a soft filled make-up look.

Lash Lift/Extensions

Enhance the length, curl, fullness and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Services include Lash Lift, Classic, Hybrid and Mega Volume Lashes.

Nu‑Reflections Medspa

Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Nu‑Reflections uses state‑of‑the‑art technology to efficiently and effectively remove unwanted facial and body hair. Our unique cooling system enhances your comfort and is suitable for all skin types.

Face & Leg Vein Treatment

Nu‑Reflections uses state‑of‑the‑art technology to deliver short pulses of energy to the skin. The light pulses target and destroy problematic blood vessels, thereby eliminating the unwanted surface vein or vascular lesion.

Age Spots/Skin Discoloration Treatment

The light energy from our Gentle Pro device is absorbed disproportionately by the concentration of pigment which forms the unwanted lesion. This selective delivery of laser energy destroys the excess pigment and fades the lesion, but leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Skin Treatments

Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Experience the latest advancement in fractional skin resurfacing technology with Opus Plasma - the gold standard in skin renewal. The most dramatic nonsurgical procedure to repair and renew the skin to address a wide range of skin concerns.

Tighten Skin – Reduce Wrinkles – Improve Texture

Nu‑Reflections is the First Colorado Medspa to have the brand new Medical Plasma Technology Device. Call us today to learn more and schedule your free consultation!

Obagi Facial/Hydrafacial

A uniquely powerful skincare line and invigorating spa therapy which offers a wide range of benefits, like anti‑aging, anti-hyper pigmentation and improves acne. Each facial is customized with a variety of regimens that work together to achieve individualized goals.

Medical Micro‑Needling

Collagen induction therapy that improves fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and overall improvement of the skins tone, texture and color.

VI Peels

Medium depth chemical peels that are virtually pain free and for all skin types. These peels give dramatic results, require no skin prep and have minimal down time.

Dermaplaning Facial

Skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to remove dead skin cells from your face with a result of soft, glowing skin.

Skincare Products

Obagi Skincare

Physician grade skin care that continues to enhance your treatment results when used at home.

Labella Donna Mineral Make‑Up

Mineral Make‑Up that is good for your skin.


An FDA‑approved treatment to grow eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes.