Allergy Testing

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Is your diet making you sick?

Nu-Reflections offers Non-Invasive Food Allergy Testing. With a single blood draw we can identify your sensitivity to 88 common foods. This testing is designed to identify the ways food may be responsible for both your acute and chronic symptoms. Ask our staff for more information today so you can get back to living a healthy symptom free life!

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Is Your environment making you sick?

Seasonal allergies that occur during certain times of the year are usually caused by outdoor allergens such as mold spores, and pollen released by trees, grass, and weeds. Perennial allergies that occur any time of the year are usually in response to something in the home, such as dust mites, mold, fabrics, animals or insects. The single blood draw assesses your reactivity to 88 common allergens. Let us help determine your sensitivities to get you on your way to feeling better!